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Connecting black university students to black professionals



London City

What we do

We provide black students access to black mentors in their desired field of work. Our mentors are dedicated to helping students succeed and to land their first role. Through monthly mentoring sessions, mentees can:

  • Learn directly from those that have the same career trajectory that mentees aspire to have

  • Explore different career avenues that they may want to take

  • Connect with ambitious and likeminded professionals that share common experiences

become a mentor

Becoming a mentor can be a very rewarding experience that can bring a range of benefits to your career and professional development. We ask you to commit 30 minutes a month to provide advice to a student looking to break in to your industry.

become a mentee

Becoming a mentee at IBR will provide you the tools needed to stand out and be noticed. Through monthly mentoring sessions, you will receive invaluable knowledge that will take you to new heights in your future career. 


At IBR, we are always looking to expand our scheme to reach more and more students and potential mentors. So far we have partnered with many universities around the UK such as The University of Birmingham, The University of Bath and many more.

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